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Rainbow Beach to Rockhampton

-17 °C

Our next stop was Rainbow Beach, a small seaside town on the sunshine coast (and we really mean small). The reason we were stopping here was to go sea kayaking with dolphins, however this didn't go to plan as it was cancelled because it was too windy and it was deemed unsafe to go out. This was a little annoying because if it wasn't for the sea kayaking and the 2 free nights accommodation we got with tribal travel we wouldn't have stopped there, it was very small and very boring, just becasue it has a nice name doesn't mean its going to be a nice place.

Next was Hervey Bay which was our stop over point before going to Fraser Island. As part of the package we bought we were to do a 4x4 self drive tour of the island where we would stay at an aboriginal camp. Though Hervey was still a small seaside town we both prefered it to Rainbow Beach, the weather was much better and we celebrated by getting ice cream sundaes. Mmmm tasty! Then we met our group for our Fraser Island trip (who unfortunatley were all French) and we were briefed on "Dingo Safety" as Fraser Island has a large inhabitant of Dingos. We were also shown a rather scary video on the hazzards of Fraser Island and all the accidents people have had driving on the sand.

On our first day of our Fraser tour we drove from Hervey to the nearest port to get a ferry to Fraser Island, once we arrived on the island we did the 60km journey to our campsite while making a few stops along the way. The first stop was Lake McKenzie which is a fresh water lake in the middle of the island. It was incredibly beautiful and also incredibly cold. We stopped briefley for lunch where Katy was harrased by a Kookabora and had some cheese stolen, after that it was a short drive to the beach and then simply travelling north up the island until we reached the campsite (stopping briefly at the Moheano Shipwreck along the way). The aboriginal camp that we stayed at was really nice, especially the Aboriginals who ran it. There was a lovely old aboriginal lady who would come and talk to us each night and we told her about how we had done the abororiginal workshop in Brisbane and had a didgeridoo lesson she was suprised that Katy had tried the didgeridoo and informed her that according to aboriginal beliefs if women play or touch the didgeridoo they'll become pregnant. Katy told her that she doesn't think her Mum would be pleased if she came back from the trip pregnant!!! That night we sat around the camp fire and wactched them put on a traditional aboriginal dance, where we all got our faces painted in traditional aboriginal style. We certainly missed the warmth of the fire that night as we almost froze to death in our sleeping bags!!

On our second day we drove to a place called Indian Head where we could watch Whales and Dolphins!! Then we made a short walk up to Champagne Pool, a rock pool that has waves crashing over it. Though both these places were nice they had nothing in comparison to Lake McKenzie. It was about now that we started to have a few troubles with the 4x4, the clutch was playing up or something! It was also at this point that we started to get sick of the French people we were with. They lived up to every stereotype and were extremely arrogant and very very rude. Later that night they offered to cook dinner and ended up burning all the rice. Idiots!!

Our third day on the island was a right off (much like our car) as the clutch had completley died on us. We ended up being towed off the island. This turned out to be alot more interesting than we had hoped. We both sat in the mechanics car while the French sat in the broken 4x4. When we first set off the mechanic opened a beer while driving and was searching around behind him for a stubby holder whilst not looking where he was going. He certanily was a character, if anyone has seen the film Wolf Creek you will undrestand why we were a little scared. Later when we were travelling through the forest the French almost managed to crash the car into a tree which caused the mechanic to curse a lot more than was really neccesary. Though it was directed at the french not us so we didn't really mind. Ces't la vie. We eventually made it back to the ferry and were picked up from the port by our Hostel and were very glad to get back and get clean!!!

Our next stop was Bundaberg, which was a bit of a non event, we were going to spend a few days there but ended up leaing within 24 hours. The only thing of note was going to the Bundaberg rum distillery where we learned that neither of us liked the smell of Bundaberg rum and Katy especially didn't like the taste.

Next was Rockhampton (The Steak capital of Australia) where unsurprisingly we went to eat steak and took advantage of the free internet at our hostel.

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